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Joyfully Made/Forte Handmade Soap

Explore our selection of luxurious goat's milk soap unlike any you've ever used before!

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Retail Locations our soap is Available for Purchase:

Joyfully Made Pottery & Soaporium 401 E. Market St. Nappannee, IN

The Village Boutique inside Davis Mercantile, 255 E. Main St. Shipshewana, IN

The Bishop's Nook Taylor University-Atterbery Building W. Reade Ave. Upland, IN

Birds Gotta Fly Vintage------- 2nd floor 916 N. Michigan St. Elkhart, IN

Rana's New Generation Hair Salon 525 N 17th St. Niles, MI

Varns & Hoover Hardware 101 S. Main St. Middlebury, IN

Our Soap is more than your everyday bar of soap...

What are those??

Spots. I know, I know, you may wonder what those are. Steric acid spots are not harmful in ANY way to your skin nor do they make our soap less affective. Just something that handmade soap does when temperatures differ between loaves. But trust us, there's nothing to fear!

What's with the lines?

Well, handmade soap is just that....hand made. That means it's also cut BY HAND. We do have a wire cutter, but sometimes things don't go perfectly, and soap that may harden quickly gets a little too hard to cut perfectly. Thus, the lines.

...And those other spots?

That's the GOOD STUFF! We add oatmeal, salt, sugar, and clay to our bars to give you an amazing skin-pampering bar of soap. So, yeah, it's good for you. They all help to rub off the bad skin stuff to leave behind the good smooth stuff! Another thing to love!

Meet the Maker....

Darlene Torrence is the Owner and maker of Forte Handmade soap. She has been honing her craft for over 10 years now, and also enjoys pottery, as well as face painting and henna art as a profession from April through December. She is married to Randy, and they share 9 children between them, ages 18-37. They have opened a brick & morter store, Joyfully Made Pottery & Soaporium ON THE 2ND FLOOR in Coppes Commons in Nappanee, Indiana. Come visit them if you're in the area! They love that so many enjoy and appreciate the goat's milk soap she's worked to perfect with her own recipe to help those with troubled skin. We now offer our body products here, including tallow products and Beeswax melts!

"At 87 years old, I have very thin skin. I've tried many different soaps, and I always feel very dry and even scaly after a bath! Forte Handmade soap makes my skin soft and moisturized. Now I feel clean and soft after my bath!"

Harvey White, Elkhart, IN

"I have dry skin because I am diabetic and have used lots of lotions. Now I'm using Forte soaps, and the lather is so creamy, my skin feels so much better! The Gardenia scented soap is my favorite!"

D. Ussery, South Bend, IN

"I have been using Forte Soaps for the past two years and I love the scents, and their all natural products. I love lavender ANYTHING, so I'm a huge fan of the Lavender Lemongrass. The orders come quickly and I feel like I am having a spa experience in my own home when I use them!"

Sydney Goldberg-Isley, Chino Hills, CA

"Your soap is amazing! Wonderful smelling and long lasting. It leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. The lather feels so rich and luxurious! Practical, but it feels like such a special treat!"

Bobbi-Jo Davis, Seabrook, TX